Lost & Found VIII

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Lost & Found VII

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Trip to Gruyère

Yesterday we went to see Gruyère which is not only notoriously difficult to spell but also home to the Gruyère cheese, the Gruyère castle and the Gruyère Giger museum. We got some 30% off since the SBB has a promotion in February, and after a 3h odysee we finally set foot on holy cheese land. Sliding upwards toward the castle, we entered a pitoresque small town with 50 touristic restaurants, and started off by visiting the castle which was moderately interesting (the way most castles are...) and enjoyed the spectacular view of the snowy mountain peaks. The tour finished by an not so interesting film about the history of the castle, after which we went to have a cheese fondue à volonté. After being extremely full of cheese, we went to the Giger museum just next to the castle, Giger being most famous for his designs of the Alien movie aliens. The museum was fantastic, he is truly a graphic genius and I highly recommend it to all fans of Sci-Fi, design and male repproductive organs (some of his paintings are quite explicit). Afterwards we had a drink in the Giger café which looked like an Alien hatchery and finished off by seeing the Schaukäserei, where they prepare Gruyère cheese. This was a spectacularly miserable visit and probably the most boring place on the northern hemisphere.
Here are the pics!

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Lost & Found VI

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... Thierry for writing exactly what I feel and think!

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Lost & Found V

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Gotta get a cat

I loved reading this story!

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Lost & Found IV

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Lost & Found III

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Paranoid Buttons

Last weekend was a good weekend. I went to see Line in Brussels and made it there without major train perturbations (if you don't consider the woman next to me dislocating her knee in an utterly painful way as a perturbation). Furthermore, I got to see two very good movies, considering what I missed so far on Chris' list. First off was Paranoid Park, the story of a 16ish boy/skater who struggles through major an minor catastrophes of life, reminding me somewhat of the boy portrayed in Nick Hornsby's book Slam. Then I also finally saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which just has to be the best movie to come out last year and probably needs no further description. If you haven't seen them, do so! 

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Lost & Found II

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Lost & Found I

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The Wild Breakers

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This is the End

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