I find it very interesting how every time I move somewhere or enter a new phase of my life, a couple of months later I find myself developing all kinds of traditions or rituals or whatever you like to call them. Basically it's just things you like to do on a regular basis, which I know could just about be everything. Still there's some things that make your life more complete than others. These rituals may change over time, get refined etc. Most of the time, I'm not even too self aware while doing them, so I try writing this post to remind me...

  • Friday evenings I tend to watch movies, commonly accompanied by a pizza.
  • Once a week or even less frequently, I crave for canned fruits. But it has to be either lychees or the "Herzkirschen" that you can only find in the Coop.
  • Once a month I go to the Jazz bar The Bird's Eye. It's somewhat expensive but usually well worth it. Jazz music (live) has something very liberating and calming.
  • I try to read every day a couple of pages in a book, usually a novel or a science related book. Every couple of months though, it has to be a Murakami book, even if I've read it before, the magic never goes away. I love reading them in German, these are the best translations I've found so far. I like reading in 3 places here in Basel: 1) Next to the Mittlere Brück on the Rhine riverside on sunny afternoons with a glass of wine. 2) In this spot during spring and fall with a can of tea. 3) In the bathtub. Which is already another ritual of its own, at least once a week, preferentially on a lazy Sunday, to let my mind wander, watch some movie on the laptop (well it's not on my lap then anyways)
  • Things I like to cook on a regular basis: Rösti, Pancakes, Pain Perdu, Spaghetti Aglio&Olio, Chili con carne, cheese fondue, spare ribs, baked tortellini with red pesto and cheese, Gromprekichelcher, Bouneschlupp, Mussaka, and many more I guess.
  • Every couple of weeks I like to hang out in the Soleune Spa in Rheinfelden. I love saunas, you can so easily forget about the rest of the world
  • and probably tons of other things that I will post some other time (or not).

I would like to hear about your traditions, because I think it tells us a lot about who we are (it's the little things people), but since I know that my readers are rather reluctant to post comments, my expectations are low. Anyways, feels good to write a "normal" post for a change...

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Lost & Found XV

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Lost & Found XIV

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Lost & Found XIII

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A pie to end all pies

Yeah I know the title doesn't make any sense. Anyways, since I really like rhubarb pies, I tried getting a decent recipe from my mother last Friday. As usual, I wasn't too satisfied with the two I got, so I combined elements from them and other I found online. I liked the idea of combining raspberry with rhubarb, so here goes: I took for 1 pie two big rhubarb thingies, peeled them and cut them in 1cm pieces, which I covered with brown sugar for an hour or so. In the meantime, I prepared the dough from 300g white flour, 50g Saracen flour (Heidekornmehl, Welkeschmiel), 150g sugar, 180g butter, salt, 2 eggs, lemon juice and 3/4 of a pack of baking powder. Once the butter is warm, you can form a nice dough with your hands and plate it in a buttered pie form. Add the rhubarb and raspberries. Then combine 3 eggs, some 200ml cream, some milk and 100g sugar and pour in onto the pie (I didn't use all of this mix). Put the pie in the oven at 180°C for 50'-60'. Halfway thgough, I poured some more brown sugar onto the pie, which caramelised and formed a yummy crust.

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Lost & Found XII

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Futurama - Into The Wild Green Yonder

Yesterday I watched the latest (and for now last) Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder. The other 3 movies that have been reviewed on this blog were at times a bit disappointing, the jokes flat but still good enough to be enjoyed. This last addition however stands out as being better, funnier, full of pseudoscientific jokes. Go out and watch it! ... now I will go back to the money shower...

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Gromprenkichelcher - Kartoffelpuffer - Potato Pancakes

Last Monday, we had nothing better to do than to bake 5kg of "Gromperenkichelcher", apparently called potato pancakes in the US, for some lucky 10 people joining Movie Mondays. This is a very famous recipe in Luxembourg and I was happy that I got some help from the busy bees that help me peal and grate a massive pile of potatoes. I added a big hand full of oat meal, some breadcrumbs, 8 eggs, parsley, 2 big onions, some garlic, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and fried them in a pan in lots of butter. In Luxembourg, you would traditionally serve them with salt or apple sauce, but to satisfy the Polish standarts we included sour cream as well. The Italian fraction suggested Nutella, and since I hve my own way of eating them, I also brought powdered sugar. I think (to my astonishement) that the salt/powder sugar mix enjoyed the most success.

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Lost & Found XI

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Fasnacht 2009 Basel Cortège

This afternoon, Ania, Adi, Daniele and me went to the city to see the awesome Fasnacht parade. It was so much fun, although my floor now looks like a confetti factory... Here's my pix.

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Lost & Found X

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For the birds

I try to refrain from posting all too many idiotic youtube movies, but this one was particularly funny/stupid

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Lost & Found IX

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Drey Scheenschte Dääg aka Basler Fasnacht 2009

Well right now I can barely keep my eyes open, but I'll give it a shot nevertheless. These next days are referred to as the 3 most beautiful in and around Basel, and we had a couple of parties at my an Julie&Aarons place to celebrate this year's Fasnacht. Saturday was costume party at my place, and yesterday this morning at Aarons to play Wii, Beer Pong and go to the Morgensträich, which was awesome as ever... well I'm too lazy to write more, so go check the pix out yourselves.
PS: My Zoidberg costume looked better in real life... or so I hope...

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Somehow I never find time to write anymore... During the regular week, I'm quite exhausted after coming home and enjoy our regular movie Mondays and my Japanese course and so... I'm even happy if I find time to read a book. Not that I have too much stress, I just want to enjoy what's left after a long day of work. This week, it's been especially bad. I have to take the LTK (lab animal course) in order to be allowed to actually manipulate animals. It's every day till half past 6, and half of it is theory and half is practical work. The Swiss animal legislation is probably the most rigorous in the world, and so we started off by learning a lot about that. Yesterday I learned all about i.p. and s.c. and p.o. injections in mice and I absolutely hated the per os. Today was rats, and I was a bit freaked out because they are about 7 times the size of my mice and they are quite strong. But I learned that they are very nice and learn quite fast. Then we tried anasthasia and then gave the antagonists to weak the animal up again. Let's see what's still to come.
Oh by the way don't forget to come on Aaron, Julie and my Fasnacht parties on Saturday and Sunday respectively, in case you're around Basel!

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