Lost & Found XXII

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HOX is the word

Regulatin' Genes

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Ihre königliche Hoheit Großherzogin Maria Teresa von Luxemburg

Mit dem STEIGER AWARD werden Persönlichkeiten aus dem In- und Ausland geehrt, die sich den Tugenden des Steigers verbunden fühlen. Dazu gehören Geradlinigkeit, Offenheit, Menschlichkeit und Toleranz. Der Steiger ist ein Zeichen für den Bergbau und steht als Synonym für die Geradlinigkeit und Offenheit der Bergleute. Zudem ist er ein Symbol für Verlässlichkeit, Treue und Zusammenhalt in guten und schlechten Tagen. Ausgezeichnet werden Persönlichkeiten aus dem In- und Ausland, die sich in der Tradition des Steigers verdient gemacht haben. Menschen, die konsequent und geradlinig ihren Weg verfolgen. Menschen, die sich einbringen und einsetzen.

Am I the only one who thinks this is pathetic?

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Drawing state transition diagrams digitally

As a tester I often engange in the beautiful art of drawing state transition diagrams. Drawing them on paper is a fast way to manifest your thoughts, but for long-term storage a digital format is more suitable. When I browsed my mind, Visio immediately came to be the optimal solution. It is a general purpose drawing software that supports flowcharts, UML diagrams and a multitude of other visualization techniques. Unfortunately, my company does not have a license for that great tool, which forced me to look for an open-source alternative. I found Dia, which is actually designed to be run on Linux under Gnome. Luckily there's a Windows port and even an installer package. Dia is not high-end, but serves basic purpose very, very well.

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Lost & Found XXI

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Mon810 and Luxembourg

The famous mon810 GMO maize got banned in Luxembourg, depite European regulations allowing its cultivation. I'm not mad about this per se. Mon810 is a somewhat useless crop, its reductions in pesticides are not significant and that's about all there is about this particular crop. All the GMO opponents are cheering. My problem is this maize got banned for ridiculous reasons: To please a scared and sceptic nation. What this decision tells us is that GMOs are dangerous and not to be trusted, which is just as ridiculous as saying plants can be toxic (yes some can!) therefore we should ban them all. People are scared of new technologies they can't understand. But not a soul is interested in analyzing the situation in a scientific way. People always rush to say that we don't have any longterm studies (there are, and they are just as contradictory as the people trying to promote them (also the people demanding longterm studies are the same that try to ban testing exactly this)), without really understanding the difference between the "GMO" and a "traditional" artificially selected plant. All of our food sources are genetically modified by humans over the ages. GMOs differ in that these changes are controllable and known.
Maybe this ban has its good sides. It should make the industry think of what people want and need. My fear is that when at some point we do have a GMO crop that can produce significantly more mass or nutritional value or needs no external pesticides added, people are so misleaded by populistic politicians and unknowledgeable activists that these crops, that could change the fate of ours lands but mostly those of third world countries, will simply not given ANY chance (cf. Golden Rice, that's been basically killed by Greenpeace fascists). And that's what's wrong with this decision. I hate it when politics is unscientific, which is the case too many times!

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Lost & Found XX

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The Hazards of Love

The Decemberists, one of my favorite bands just released their latest album, The Hazards of Love. And it is gorgeously magnificent! I can't figure out how one single band can produce such an immaculate record of fantastic albums, each one feeling a bit more mature and refined. I hope this release also means that they're considering a European tour at some point, something I've been waiting for ages. Go to iTunes and sample it already!

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Lost & Found XIX

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Jesus & Mo

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Rieslingspaschtéit - Pâté au Riesling - Meat Pie

Another cooking Sunday! Another Luxembourgish favorite: Rieslingspaschtéit, basically a meat pie/terrine with Riesling, a white wine that's very common in Luxembourg. First off, you gotta prepare the pastry. For this you need 75g lard (Schmalz, I prepared it simply by frying bacon), 75g butter that I melted, 375g flour, 50ml Riesling and 50ml water, some salt. You mix it, knead it and it will feel like a very crumbly dough, but that's ok, you put it in the fridge for 1-2h afterwards. Then you take 500g minced beef, add 2 eggs, parsley, mustard, 50ml oil, chopped onions (to annoy Pazit), salt, pepepr, worcestershire sauce, balsamico vinegar, breadcrumbs and some cognac (although I prepared it with Bushmills and it turned out perfect). You chop up a 400g porc steak into tiny pieces/cubes, do the same with 250g of ham and mix it, and add some more Riesling. You put this in the fridge for an hour or two. In the meantime, you prepare the pastry on a buttered form (take 2/3, the rest is for the cover. You add your meat into the form, add your lid and seal it with moist fingers. Then you add a hole in the middle of the form so that the water can evaporate during baking. Also you cover the outside of the lid with egg yolk. Put it in the preheated oven at 190-200° for some 90 minutes, then let it cool down for a couple of hours. Finally you prepare some aspic (Sülze, Jelly, you can use gelatine as well), heat it up with some white wine and bouillon cubes and pour it through the hole in the lid. Turned out pretty good.  

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Lost & Found XVIII

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Movie Mondays

Quick update... Since I was pissed that one of my mouse breeders has a genotype he's not supposed to have (which means that I lost somewhere around 3 months of work), yesterday's movie night was just what I needed to cheer up. We had pasta night with tons of home-made sauces, a home-made Rieslingspaschtéit (more on that project later), fried dough nuts and weird Polish candy. Maybe it was the excellent Man without a Past we watched, or maybe it was just the Polish Raspberry Vodka (Ania was home and brought goodies), but it was quite fun, as you can judge by yourself here. Oh I also uploaded the pix from the Uber Spare Rib Fiesta last week here. And since we're already there, I also uploaded the pix from Saturday's BBQ in the St. Johann combined with a Kubb tournament here.
And right now I'm listening to the awsomely good new album by the Decemberists, and all the troubles seem blown away.

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Lost & Found XVII

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Lost & Found XVI

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