The best Chocolate in the World!


As you may or may not know, I'm a chocolate maniac. I can easily manage to eat several bars a week, and I guess Switzerland is probably not the worst place in the world to look for good chocolate. On several occasions, my co-workers recommended the Xoxolatl chocolate boutique in Basel near the Schifflände, and after severy odyssees of not finding it, Marco, Daniel payed a shopping visit an Wednesday. Man this really is a chocolate-lover's wet dream. Featuring the worlds best brands of chocolate (and I don't think you've heard any of those brands before) and their own collection, I had to try hard to keep my mind together standing in front of piles of this delicous sweets. I finally decided for Levandel & Krokant and a bar of Garam Masala flavoured one. Man you've never tasted anything like it! I guess this shop will be my ruin!

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Ruins of the Future

Bretagne France Sea Black and White HDR

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Tekoe Tea shop in Basel SBB - Verdict: Get less for more!

My regular readers will probably know that I'm a real tea maniac. On weekdays, I will drink around 1.5l, on weekends this number can easily double. But I don't just drink any brand, with time I became a real connoisseur (and probably addict). I started off with the Teeladen / Teegeschwender collection in Luxembourg, until one day, my parents brought me a few packs from the Palais des Thés in Strasbourg. That was about the same time I moved to Basel and discovered that Mulhouse also got a Palais des Thés, and their online ordering is also quite reliant. Now every now and then, I will try something new, be it a new brand or a new shop, e.g. here in Basel. Yesterday, I wanted to try the Tekoe Tea Shop in the passerelle in the Basel SBB train station. What's funny is that they got the exactly same selection of teas than the Palais des Thés. Also their site will look quite familiar, although mentioning nowhere a relation to PDT. Now this was rather a pleasent surprise, until I got the receit. 45CHF for two teas, thats nearly 33€!!! Now I'm used to high tea expenses, but in the PDT I certainly get more for less. The quality was comparable to their counterparts in the PDT, although they had lost some taste from not being sold for some time... But maybe that was just me!

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Where's your ear at?

I just bought the 5th or 6th earphones for the last couple of years. My old ones are cracking and falling apart, probably also due to my rough treatment and indifference, since I commonly go for the cheapos. This time I thought why not try for once something good to see (hear) if 50 CHF really do make a difference. So I choose the Sennheiser earplugs and after nearly killing them by trying to open the world's most idiotic packed phones, I plugged them into my Creative MP3 player and checked if they were any good. At first I thought not to hear any major improvements, so I switched from LO-FI indie to Miles Davis and company. Whoah man, that was really something. I mean not only did everything sound even more harmoneously, but I really began to hear instruments and subtle differences I never noticed before. And that was only after 5 minutes listening. So I really hope their half-life will be a bit longer than for the usual phones, anyway I'll take good care for them. Never thought the difference could be so meaningful!

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Les Aigles Scouts and Cubs

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Which movie was it?

Remember those posters that said, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life?" Well, that's true with every day except one: the day that you die.

If you know it you'll get a golden banana all my respect.

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Star Trek trivia of the day...

...if you encounter an unkown creature in space and shoot at it with your phaser, it will die. However, chances are it will give birth to a baby after a galactic caesar's section! But beware: space dwelling creatures tend to feed on the low-energy frequencies of your Warp drive!

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Back in Basel

So I just returned from the Workshop on Molecular Targets in Cancer that was held in the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg. I did enjoy it very much, there were some truly excellent talks from brilliant researchers from all around the globe. The venue was perfect, the Neumünster truly is a nice place for such events! From an organiational point of view, I was a bit annoyed that they had messed up the VISA payment, but they agreed to just send a receit to my lab. Coffee breaks and meals were high quality too, although I sometimes felt quite a bit lost inmidst of nearly 60 professors and lab heads, with maybe one or two postdocs... I hope that just one day, all those professors around the globe will realize that the deep-blue gradient background / yellow colored font powerpoint is nearly 10 years out-of-date and amazingly bad looking, if not illegible (the beamer lacked a bit a contrast, which was fun during the endless fluorescence pics).

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Hail, Stanford, Hail

Three absolutely funny commercials for the Stanford University are available here. I was laughing my ass off.. Enjoy!

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Eine unbedeutsame Erzählung II

Follow up to THIS

Weg? Würde dies nicht bedeuten, vor meinen eigenen Taten zu flüchten. Ein wahrlich feiger Akt. Sei's drum, warum soll ich also tagtäglich mit der grausamen Realität konfrontiert werden? Ich bin im allgemeinen kein grosser Fan von Konfrontationen, nicht dass ich ihre zweifelhafte Wirksamkeit anfechte, ich bin einfach der Meinung dass einige Wunden viel Zeit und Raum zur Heilung in Anspruch nehmen.

Mittlerweile erreiche ich den allein von Mondschein belichteten Park, an dem ich schon so viele gedankenversunkene Stunden verbracht habe, dass mich das Gefühle ereilt, ihn wie einen Schwamm ausdrücken zu können. Viele Menschen hassen es, schwierige Entscheidungen zu treffen. Ich mag es, lange Gedankenspielchen zu führen, das eine vom anderen abzuwägen und nach langem Hin und Her zu einem endgültigen Entschluss zu kommen.

Über mir höre ich die nervösen Orientierungsschreie einiger Fledermäuse, welche sich auf einer wilden Insektenjagd befinden. Auch das Zirpen der scheinbar nachtaktiven Grillen entgeht mir nicht, doch gehört dies eher zur Kategorie Hintergrundgeräuche.

Ich lasse mich auf die einsame Bank nieder, und entscheide mich dafür, die Stadt für eine Zeit zu verlassen. Traurig macht es mich schon ein bisschen, doch der Entschluss ist unumgänglich, meine hypothetischen Gedankenspiele beendet, und es wird Zeit, sich anderen Sachen zu widmen. Meine Hände gleiten in die Hosentaschen. Dabei stelle ich fest, dass ich den Brief noch immer an mir trage. Ich glätte ihn sorgfältig und platziere ihn unter der Parkbank. Möge er einem anderen mehr Glück bescheren als mir!

Kurz darauf holt mich die Müdigkeit der vergangenen Tage ein und bricht meine Schlaflosigkeit.


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B2Evolution 2.0 Skin

B2evolution 2.0 skin

As my last skin stopped working after the pre-alpha to alpha upgrade on a test blog, I did some hacking and came up with something new. Check it out here.

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Haruki Murakami - Pinball 1973

Here's a nice try if you want to get started on Murakami's works and are too lazy to visit your local library. I personaly haven't read it yet, will firt print it out. As this book is out of print, the publishers appearently allowed free online distribution to the PDF, which I find very nice indeed! It was actually his first published book to be translated into English, while being his second novel. And by the way, if you happen to have one copy of this book at home, you might just want to send it to me. Alternatively, you can sell it on Ebay, prices start around 500$ and go up to 3'000$...

Haruki Murakami's Pinball 1973

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Confucius says...

... that Promega Manifold Maxi Preps suck just as much as the QIAgen ones.

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Eisley - Combinations

I just discovered an interesting new band, Eisley. They're actually a bit more poppy than my usual kind of music, but it's very plesant to listen too. You can check it out via the deezer link. Quoting AMG: A quintet featuring three sisters, their brother, and their best friend, Tyler, TX's Eisley formed in 1997 when the DuPree siblings — guitarist Chauntelle, singer/guitarist Sherri, singer/keyboardist Stacy, and drummer Weston — began playing with bassist Jon Wilson. Originally called the Towheads, the band began playing local gigs the following year, when Stacy was just eight years old. Over the next five years, the band wrote and played, expanding their touring area to the Dallas-Fort Worth region and ultimately winning a 2003 Best New Act Award from the Dallas Observer. A few months later, the group released their debut EP, Laughing City, on the indie imprint Record Collection, and toured that spring and summer with Coldplay and Ron Sexsmith. The Marvelous Things EP arrived later in 2003, and early in 2005, their first full-length, Room Noises, arrived. 2007's Combinations was Eisley's first full-length album of entirely new material and featured a slightly darker, more rock-oriented sound.

When my Deezer uploads will be ready I'll put a link here that you can check it out. Im the meantime, here are some sample lyrics.

I, I saw you then wanted you, then I, I knew that it was bent up, only you brought me back to that place in my heart I thought was gone, for so long I was unhappy, now it’s gone and I’m moving on, moving on, moving on, moving on.

I went for so long, and I was so wrong and then I met you, and now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to, I’ve done that all my life until now.

Pass the evening, bring tomorrow, how could we know the night would bring us into daylight? Combinations all around us fill our heads with the love we’ve been feeling, for time long past.

I went for so long, and I was so wrong and then I met you, and now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to, I’ve done that all my life until now.

All the time, darling, now, oh, all the time, now we’ll have to make it up, we’ll make it up, oh, all the days, darling, now, oh, all the days, now we’ll have to make them up, we’ll make them up somehow, we’ll make them up.

I went for so long, and I was so wrong and then I met you, and now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to, I’ve done that all my life, I went for so long, and I was so wrong and then I met you, and now I can’t live without you and I don’t want to, I’ve done that all my life until now.

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The Petersplatz Flohmarkt

 Peterplatz Basel, Flea Market, Flohmarkt

The flea market every Saturday has become sort of a weekly ritual. This is not really because of my interest of odd things or strange people, but mainly because its situated next to my institute, and I love eating my Klöpfer or Buurebrotwurscht at the Eiche every now and then. I have to admit I'm still a bit puzzled about the whole thing. First of all, about the junk they are actually selling there. I mean, it's Switzerland, you'd think people would not care for half-broken vases, coats with holes, watches that have stopped working and so on. You get the picture. So it's certainly not out of need that people come here. My guess is that its mainly curiosity. Find a crappy gift for that collegue whose party you did not like to attend in the first place. Look at all the different people from nearly all corners of the world that seem to be hiding (or working) all week long. Watching people from all social and economic classes doing one of the above mentioned things. You just would not believe how crowded it can get... Evenmore, it's probably one of the only flea markets in the world where you can see signs like: Gratis zu vergeben, Zum Mitnehmen, Bitte bedienen Sie sich and so on. So I guess it's kind of amusing after all. Nevertheless it's still a bit of a riddle... or maybe I'm just not the kind of flea-market-person?

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