Biozentrum Symposium 2008 (and more...)

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Mission Lodge I

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Wild Pineapple

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Xmas Party 2008 - 5th Floor Biozentrum

Here's the pix. Enjoy!
PS It was a great party and I guess a big thanks goes to the Pieters lab for organizing it! Ouhhhhhh (that was a werewolf howling in case you didn't know)

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Ikea Generation

From all the homewarming parties and student friend visits these past weeks and months, one thing struck me: Any new place you visit, you kind of feel like you've been there before. You saw that carpet before, those familiar cardboard boxes, the closets, the glasses, the knifes. That's because they are in most cases straight from Ikea. No that this would be a particularly bad thing - I have a couple of Ikea furniture, although I like to minimize it to what is either extremely practical and/or cheap. Ok, I was lucky that I could take plenty of good old fashion furniture from my parents place when I was moving to Basel. It's not that I have a problem with everybody having the same or similar stuff - I don't mind either that most Ipods or Laptops look the same. I just fear that someday, when our generation will have the money to buy real furniture, nobody will care anymore to go to a professional carpenter, because by then we prefer that sensory overload feeling of visiting the Ikea (et al.) megastores, hunting and gathering for the perfect thing that completes our apartment (sounds like Fight Club, I know). And I keep but wondering whether this is a bad thing.

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Anse Royale

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Julie & Aaron's Homewarming Party

Judging from the time I got back this morning, the amount of pictures taken, and all the fun we had their party was a big success. I only nearly cut myself to death by trying to open a bottle of an unknown beverage but otherwise it was a blast. So here's the pix, and please do contact me in case you want your picture to be removed, anyways I thought this was a better idea than placing them on Facebook.
NB for Simon: You have to click on the link to go to the pictures.

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Vampires attack!

Nah, just kidding. This is a perfectly harmless (but very tasty!!!) fruit bat, one of the many that soar the Seychellian airs (although they mostly pass their time hanging upside down in fruit trees and making a terrible noise)... to the bat mobile!

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Dawkins Interview on Cold Reading

Cold reading btw is the practice used by "psychics" to talk to ghosts and read your mind, and by horoscopes in your daily magazines. See it here.

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Sitting on the deck of the boat

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How to get ahead in advertising

Watched this brilliantly cynical movie last weekend, and I can warmly recommend it. Although the story is a bit weird, the movie touches the thin line between sanity and insanity in a very successful but completely stressed advertisement yuppie.

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Fear and Loathing in Luxembourg

Check out Joel's new site, dedicated to his podcast Angst a Schrecken zu Lëtzebuerg.

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Bouchée à la Reine - Vol-au-vent

I tried this recipe for the first time last Saturday, and although it takes some time, it was more than worth it. Also called Königinnen Pasteten in German, these are one of my favorites, so all the better I now know how to prepare them. For this, I used some carrots, leek, onions, garlic, one chicken, some white wine, mushrooms, parsley, some filo pastry that you'll fill with your chicken, flour, butter and milk for the roux. I wanted to add some calf thymus, which is also traditionally added, but the Coop Fleischwarenfachverkäuferin just gave me that Fuck off Weirdo look... So you'll start by preparing your chicken by adding the vegetebales to some 3 L of water, add some salt and your chicken and let it cook for 2-3h, depending on the chicken. In the meantime you can prepare the pastries. You let the chicken cool off a little, remove the meat from the bones (especially the white meat is what you want) and put it onto a plate. Separate the soup from the bones etc. Fry an onion, add your sliced and peeled mushrooms (champignons) (I also added some bones I had left for the taste), add the chicken and some of the soup and let it cook some more (make sure that either you use not too much soup, or that you'll let it evaporate a little), finally prepare separately your roux by heating butter, adding flour and finally some milk until it gets a nice viscosity, then add it to the chicken. In the meantime, heat your pastries, fill them and put a slice of lemon on top, then add it to the oven for some time and you're done!

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Movie Mondays II

Here are the pics from our second Movie Monday. There was so much love, actually... And the pizza was fine too (no we didn't eat the dog... we'll spare him for hot dog night. And don't worry if you didn't get that joke).

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