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Seychelles GPS Map

Well, you may remember some monthy ago me rambling some nonsense about cartography and mapping. Well I finally finished creating maps for the Seychelles for the three main islands (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue). It took me a lot of work, and the maps should be pretty detailed. I make them available for free, you can download the Illustrator files of the map, the maps I created in Mapwel (thanks to Carlos), which are in the .mpw format and the Garmin compatible .img GPS maps. Unluckily, at this point I only can upload img files for Praslin and Mahé, and they may look a bit weird depending on your Garmin unit, so you may want to buy Mapwel to edit it to your needs. They have been tested on my new eTrex Vista HCx. I personally bought the Seychelles GPS map from this site and edited them to my needs (added some details from my maps, like tracks and streams), but of course I can't make those file available. Otherwise they are probably still worth their price. I still maintain the copyright of the files below, if you'd like to use them, please send me a comment.


Mahé Seychelles Map Praslin Seychelles Map

La Digue Seychelles Map

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Comment from: jay

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03/01/09 @ 08:50 pm
Comment from: nomur

I imporetd your IMG Seychelles maps into my MapSource program and I have to say that this map is quite useless.
For example, I don’t see any difference between land and sea, becouse both parts are in blue. :(

01/24/10 @ 06:00 pm


08/26/10 @ 08:40 am