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How-to: Do Fluorescent Bodypainting Photography

Fluorescent Bodypainting Photography

It's been now a couple of times that I've had the chance of experimenting with this fascinating photography technique. Basically, it's not too much work, not too complicated or expensive. But of course, you'll need some mandatory equipment:

  • a tripod. Don't even start to think about this without one
  • a good DSLR, that can perform a good signal/noise ratio at around ISO500. Best'd be a full frame sensor.
  • two long blacklight tubes, these are the near ultraviolet tubes you know from the disco. Be sure not to buy far UV tubes, unless you want to cultivate melanomas
  • a dark room with non-reflective walls
  • fluorescent (that means you actually have to induce its glowing by UV, as opposed to phosphorescent) body-painting colors. You'll find them all over the internet in theater make-up shops, here's an example that worked fine to me.
  • Always take RAW pictures, best'd be RAW+JPEG for quick checks
  • Position the models in between the camera and the background, in the middle of the room, not too near the wall, but close (1m) to the UV tubes
  • use your external flash as metering system to measure the distance, but make sure to desactivate the actual flashing
  • use M modus, with fixed aperture and opening time. I had best results with ISO300-500, 3.5, 1/40, but that's really up to you
  • make sure to cover a high percentage of the skin with make-up, be reminded that this really are ultra-low-light conditions and you want to get at least some luminosity.
  • pictures will become very grainy, cross your fingers that you have a good image processor, if not, there's always the Noise Ninja!
  • if possible connect your camera directly to a computer, you'll produce a lot of shots and don't want to keep changing cards.

I guess that's all there is, if you have any questions just send me an email or comment! Good Luck!

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Lynn Schockmel

Déng Tipps sin immens hëllefräich an dat wäert ech och déi nächste Kéier beuechten wann ech rem matt engem Fotograf een UV-Shoot man.
Falls du ee braus fir een UV-Bodypainting, da mell dech roueg!
hun dech och op Facebook geadd..
hei fënns de puer Fotoen:

08/21/09 @ 12:43 am