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How-to buy my photographs

Link: http://betz.imagekind.com

On several occasions I've been asked if I could not sell my pictures through a more intuitive online platform so I made some research and, for the moment, sttled to Imagekind. It seems to be a fair deal, though the pictures will become somewhat expensive (especially when framed) but this is mainly due to high-end professional grade printing. Remember, I will only get e few percent of these sellings, until next year when I'm going to buy my own pro-level printer and sell the prints all on my own, but this move makes no sense before my 6 month internship in January 2008. My shop can be found HERE, but there will be not many pictures online yet. So the thing works as follows: Since I do not have a lot of space on imagekind, I set up my Portfolio. There you'll find the pictures currently available (if you spotted one missing there please contact me, that won't be a problem). More pictures will folllow. You write down the Name of the picture(s) and send them to me, as a comment or email at Charles_(ad)_betz.lu. I'll load them to Imagekind (takes one day or so) and you can select them there and choose between 1 million different sizes and papers and framings and... Size is unluckily indicated in the international standart inch, so the smallest pictures available will be around 8x10'', which translates roughly into 20x25cm, which some already consider as quite large... If you have any questions, just mail them to me. I will probably have more costs than benefits out of this, so please don't blame me for the price policy:-)

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paul tomlinson

hey charles,

fantastic photos!

and since it appears that you’re a fellow tree lover, i thought i’d let you know about my new project, which is a website dedicated to trees.




02/07/08 @ 10:44 am
Comment from:

Cool Idea! I’ll pass by every now and then!

02/07/08 @ 01:22 pm