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5D Anyone?

It's Christmas and I'm wondering again whether I should switch to a new camera. Not just any camera, the follow up model to mine, the famous EOS 5D Mark II. Mainly because of some of its newest additions (higher ISO, 1080p video, quiet shutter, auto… more »
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Rokkor MD f/1.4 50mm

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Go Reds!

Maybe you're only half as excited about camera development as I am, but I think it is worth mentioning that in my opinion, we're on the verge of a new era of digital cameras where still cameras (the ones you take pictures with) merge with video… more »
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Pinhole Camera Solargraphs

Pretty impressive... These pictures have been exposed for 6 months in a homemade pinhole cam. See the whole gallery here. more »
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In case you wondered whether the EOS 5D MII's HD video function is worthwhile.. Canon, EOS, HDTV, Video more »
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Now it's official - the Mark II is coming, successor to my EOD 5D DSLR. The specs are immensely interesting, so much that I'm (very remotely) considering it... Anybody interested in buying my old one :-) more »
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Zeiss for my Canon EF Mount!

Finally some good news for us Canon users from one of the best lens makers of the world, namely Carl Zeiss. more »
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Kubrick's f/0.7 lens

Worth reading if you're interested in optics, cinematography or photographic lenses. Two Special Lenses for "Barry Lyndon" by Ed DiGiulio more »
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Destined Evolution

Could this be the teaser to the new Canon 5D??? Ahh.... I cannot wait for it. more »
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Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3

This morning as I was coming from the cell culture downstairs to my office, I found an exotic package from Hong-Kong standing on my desk. Well, in fact I'm used to such deliveries, you wouldn't believe how some labs and companies ship their… more »
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