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The following are some thoughts I wrote during my endless trip by train last week to Brussels:

I can't really say wha I felt this sudden urge to write. Something. Anything. But where to begin, where to end? Telling you why I ended up in this forsaken, cold part of Belgium with a delay of over one hour? No way, too much emotional involvationt! I was a bit pissed off, but I couldn't even try to explain why to myself, so why bother writing it down. One funny thing happening in the last hours I've been stuck in this prison was a black woman trying to calm down her ever-crying child. To get to the point, whether she was yelling, the girl was noising around or was crying (realizing that she had been too loud), the noise coverage was granted at a high level. 5 minutes ago, I ended up on my lab paper work as I was rushing straight to the train station after finishing work.

My god, either the girl at the other end of the compartment is asphyxiating or she's laughing, I can't make it out. Or is she throwing up (a sound that iI deeply dislike)?

No, I have to dig deeper, no more scratching surfaces, break the shell covering this story or whatever you may call it. Afterall, these are just names, just like a water fall that is nothing more than the backbone for progress - or is it process? A step forward does not always has to be a progress. Again, pure semantics. Even more troubling the fact that if you analyze closels, they're composed of simple letters. Not that I'd consider you as naive, but these are the same letters that make up peace treaties or declarations of war. Denial of justice that is! What remains ater tearing them apart are feelings, which are not to be put into words, as we might have suspected. We can't understand what's bigger than us, but we may try to feel it. Engendring or justifying the existence and emergence of art, they leed eventually to power. The ones who touch your heart govern your head!

Astonishingly, this power is not achieved by builing something new, or being creative. Contradictory as it may sound, art is no creation. Artists dig into our souls and fish out what they would like to see with our eyes. It is not us visiting a museum or a gallery. They may or may not realize this. But is it really essential.

This again is nothing more than a copy of what may be the case, just like observing starlight with a magnifying glass. The secret ingredient for an artist is the ability to copy what lies in front of the audience and repeating it untill they believe they saw it first. That way, they will either be amazed or bored, where the last one will give you the lasting glory.

No more smart talk for now, my urges has vanished as boredom and hunger take its place and gain rapidly in size!

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Can you bring me Flowers

can you bring me flowers? - charles betz

We find ourselves sometimes in situations where we are dying for 5 minutes of tranquility and peace. We sure do live in a challenging times, and most of us manage sooner or later to finding these 300 seconds. Though it is then most often not that much of a satisfaction, it sure helps us rechagre our batteries and provide us the necessary means to continue productive and creative work. I wonder what happens if things are the other way round. We all have experienced such situations, where you starve for something useful to do. I'm not refering to boredom, neither to laziness. I'm not speaking of feeling a lack of contributing to a higher means of any kind.
Much of what we're doing is not in the slightest way necessary for the wellbeing of our next ones or ourselves. I think a great deal of time, even our free time, is sacrifized only to pass time, to not feel that feeling of emptiness between two things that might be of a higher importance. Could this be as much of a problem to our society than overfilled schedules (imagining that they were 100% useful...)
I think it would be a great experience to make this emptiness as the only object of our existence. Imagine a year-long meditation, much like it is done in buddism or in some cases of christian eremites. Focussing on that abyss of emptiness might provide us the lacking energy that so much people feel during depressions or so-called burned-out syndromes... Which is controversial, as in my eyes such a quest would require far more energy than working intensively for the same period of time. But I regret  I'll have to postpone this for some time in the future...
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The relative relevance of what you cannot do

I sometimes ask myself whether it is more important to know what you can do, or to know what you can't. Either of it is crucial in judging your own situation or taking important decisions concerning your future, that's for sure. Is it maybe so that the one has to come along the other? Could you say what's in your personal reach by acknowledging what you have achieved? I doubt that many were able to do this. More clearly I see that we learn to not only appreciate our goals or the ways that lead us there but that we also realize our alternatives by failing. This does not mean that you'll have to make up your own mistakes to grow and it neither demonstrates that big steps in the wrong direction always let you know what really matters. As often, I think that it's the little mistakes that we are facing everyday that could lead the way. Ironically, it's those kind of mistakes that are often ignored or attributed to others by our humble selves so that we never have a chance of realizing it...

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Horizontal dominant blues

Horizontal dominant blues
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Our cognition prefers beauty over facts. Why is this so one could ask? I can of course not provide a satisfying answer but I'll try to ponder about the nature of what we want to see and what lies in front of our eyes. How can it be of an advatage to neglect objectively obvious elements over some stimulating amalgam of light and 3 different colors? I don't think that this was conserved by evolutionary means to provide an direct benefit in the classical sense of this process. I think it is a simple consequence of our brain to be drawn towards reward stimulation, in the sense that it offers a simple factor you could call pulchritude or whatever term you prefer. It relieves the complex interactions and restricts itself to an on/off situation being excited its simplicity. Therefor I don't think that any sort of beauty can be complex per se, even if we might interpret this property subjectively into it. I'm talking of course about visual perception as acustic or olfactory sensual input is processed in other parts of the brain. In other words: We may extrapolate a simple truth out of a complex pattern while being convinced about the complex nature of this feeling. Now isn't this just beautiful? No it ain't, it's not simple enough! Or is it?

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