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Flash Back

Flash Back - Charles Betz
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Sweet as a flower

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Secret Pool (

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3 faces (

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The Peak of humanity

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Götterdämmerung (

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Illumination (

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Why this blog? (


Do we really need to look for an answer to the question whether or not, pictures have their own need and right-to-be in our society? Well this depends you'll probably think, after having spend the last minutes before your arrival to this site browsing the net, being spammed by thousands of images, pictures, ads (aren't they all the same?)! You're fed off, you don't need to see my pictures or read my interpretations, you don't need to waste your precious time. You've seen it all, believe me, everybody has! So why stay, why continue to read this nonsense? No reason why. This is the big issue here, and I know that you knew this all along even before me throwing it against the pixels of your monitor. No one should tell you if these pictures are good, not even your own brain, right now trying to sort this all out into its much-loved little labelled cathegories. Have a look at them, if you like, and if you don't like it don't waste your time analyzing every little detail.
I just want you to realize that every picture on this page, whether you find it good or bad, nice or horrible, has its very own story to tell. That's why I chose them among the then thousands waiting on my hardrive to be forgotten someday. What these stories are you'll have to find out for yourself, it's purely up to you. Just be open to the fact that there is more about a picture than its sharpness, its content, the lights and colors, the megapixels and artifacts, the noise and the contrast. What that is exactly I hope you'll see in the future, as I'll try to post them regularily and produce even more bits an bytes that this world doesn't need.

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