Climbing Trees

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Kubrick's f/0.7 lens

Worth reading if you're interested in optics, cinematography or photographic lenses. Two Special Lenses for "Barry Lyndon" by Ed DiGiulio

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Twin Reality

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Full. Moon.

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Destined Evolution

Could this be the teaser to the new Canon 5D??? Ahh.... I cannot wait for it.

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Here's for everyone who's still in doubt about Cablecom's outstanding customer services. I was officially registered here in Basel starting August 1st, but did the moving part only on August 13th. To have a functional internet connection (one of the basic human rights, let's face it) by then, I called Cablecom July 7th to fix a contract for DSL, digital TV and telephone, to be on the safe side. Also I thought that it would be easier to have everything from one single provider. When I arrived in Basel August 13th, I was happy to see a letter from Cablecom (dated August 5th), telling me that I would receive my package in the next days. Since there was nothing else there, I called (August 18th) and was told that there had been a problem with the Swiss post, apparently they couldn't find my mailbox (although they miraculously managed to find it to send me the letter telling me I'll receive the modem soon), and so they had send the whole thing back to Otelfingen. So they apparently send the whole thing with the highest priority out the same day... or so I was told... Well you can imagine that until today, I still have received nothing, no answers to my mails, and today I was too upset and called them (again). I was now finally told (after the girl put me on hold for 10 minutes to find out what had happened) that the whole thing somehow got lost somewhere, this time, not even the Swiss Post was good enough for an excuse. Well bravo Cablecom, you can be sure that I'll share my impressions with every Swiss student I'll meet who needs a new internet provider.

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Accurate numbers

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Stripes only

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Um Bock

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The last cargo cult

Definitely one of the most interesting articles I read in the past weeks. The last cargo cult refers to a religious movement in the South Pacific where indigenous people wait for the arrival of a new cargo shipment, brought by white men, even mimicking runways, radio masts with palm trees where they wait for the arrival of their messiah John Frum. One of the "cutest" religions I've heard of. Worth a read! And here's the wiki entry.

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Why no exercise may be the best one you'll get

Riding along the earlier placebo post, here's another interesting publication:
Crum AJ Langer EJ. Mind-Set Matters: Exercise and the Placebo Effect. Psychological Science 18(2) 165-171, 2007.
What the authors basically did was to divide two groups of cleaning ladies from an hotel who were actively getting a lot of exercise by doing all of their usual work. However, most did not perceive this to be exercise at the beginning of the study. They then chose one group and taught them about all the active work they were doing, burning so and so many calories by vacuum cleaning, making the beds etc... The other group did not receive this (truthful) information. After 4 weeks, the authors measured some objective health measures like weight, body fat, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio and blood pressure. The group knowing about all the good exercise they were getting had better results in all of these categories after only 4 weeks, while the other did not. Is it really as simple as that?

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One of the most amazing effects in medicine! Listen to the BBC program!

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